You can upload all images with FTP into the /images folder of your Joomla (or any subfolder inside). Images in all articles in our demo are added through Add New Article (Edit Article) page. In this page, there is "Images and Links" tab in the right column.

To add the intro image for the Category View, click Select button next to Intro Image field. Pop-up dialog will open, and you will see the content of /images folder. You can either select the image by clicking on its thumbnail (if you uploaded it by FTP) or upload it here and then select it. Click Insert when you are done.

The similar approach should be used for Full article images. You can see how they look on our demo, but you are not obligated to use them. You can create article's content differently, if you like.

You probably mentioned that some of the intro images has captions. To add caption text, enter it into the Caption field under the "Images and Links" tab.

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